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  • What is StratQuad?
    StratQuad is a Philippines-based company that offers the best support for your warehousing & fulfillment and product importation. It is a trusted company and guarantees quality services—and one of a kind offers.
  • What are your services?
    StratQuad offers Importation, Warehousing and fulfillment, & Pabayad services.
  • What are the requirements of StratQuad?
    Upon registering in our website, we only require our clients to upload 1 VALID ID ONLY!
  • How to partner with us?
    Partner with us? Message us on Facebook or Email us at
  • How can I contact StratQuad?
    If you have questions and concerns, you can message us on Facebook or Email us at
  • How to import with StratQuad?
    8 EASY STEPS HOW TO IMPORT FROM CHINA TO THE PHILIPPINES Step 1: Look for a legit supplier. Step 2: Register on our website ( Step 3: Advice your supplier to print your STRA-CODE for your shipping marks. Step 4: Pay the goods to your supplier. Step 5: Your supplier will deliver your package to our China warehouse. Step 6: Once received from the China warehouse, wait for a shipment update via email. Step 7: Settle payment once it arrives in the Malabon warehouse. Step 8: Claim your package from our warehouse through pickup or delivery.
  • How much are your importation rates?
    For as low as PHP399 you can start your importation journey with StratQuad. Small Packages Rate Loose Cargo Load
  • What is the lead time for shipping?
    StratQuad is not in control of the travel schedule of cargo ships. In the case of force majeure events, StratQuad is free of all liability. StratQuad's third-party logistics service is not in control of the travel schedule. For Sea freight (on normal conditions) our shipping lead time is 25-30 days. For Air freight (on normal conditions) our shipping lead time is 5-8 days.
  • Is StratQuad an importer?
    StratQuad is a facilitator and not an importer. We have partnered with a shipping logistics company to arrange your packages for importation.
  • What is a Security Loss Protection Program (SLPP)?
    Security Loss Protection is a Program that offers 100% coverage for lost package. The Security Loss Protection Program will not cover broken and/or damaged goods and force majeure circumstances - such as, but not limited to, acts of God, fires, explosions, floods, typhoons, earthquakes, wars, sabotage, riots or governmental action.
  • What are the Warehouse Addresses?
    For China we have warehouses in Guangzhou, Shishi, and Yiwu. For Manila we have warehouses in Marilao and Malabon.
  • How much are the Air Freight importation rates?
    For as low as PHP600 you can start your importation journey with StratQuad.
  • What are the Prohibited Products?
    We want to inform you of the products that are PROHIBITED ITEMS TO IMPORT, such as: ● Toy Gun ● USED Items ● Fake and OEM Items ● Imitation Items ● Ukay Bales ● Powerbank ● Perishable Goods ● Medicines (kindly seek warehouse for approval) ● Live Plants and Animals ● Branded Items ● Airsoft Gun ● Flammables ● E-cigarettes- Only allowed at Guanzhou Warehouse (less than 1CBM) ● Battery ● Machines (kindly seek warehouse for approval) ● E-cars/ E-Motorcycle / E-Bike
  • How to determine if your package is overweight?
    1. Overweight Determination: Packages are considered overweight if their weight per cubic meter (kg/cbm) is 500kg or above. 2. Computations To determine the kg/cbm, divide the total weight (in kg) by the total cubic meter (CBM) of the package. If the resulting kg/cbm is 500 kg/cbm or higher, the package is considered overweight. Example: Total CBM: 0.60 CBM Total Weight: 450 kg Using the formula: 450 kg / 0.60 CBM =750 kg/cbm Since 750 kg/cbm is greater than 500 kg/cbm, the package is considered overweight. 3 Freight Cost Adjustment: If the package is overweight (i.e., kg/cbm is 500 kg/cbm or above), the freight cost will be based on the KGrate, which is Php25 per kg. Example: For a 450 kg package, the cost would be 450 kg × Php25 = Php11,250. Note: Even if a package weighs less than 500 kg, it can still be considered overweight if the kg/cbm exceeds 500 kg/cbm. Always calculate the kg/cbm to determine if the package is overweight. The overweight computations apply to all commodities and are based on a cubic meter of 0.16 CBM.
  • How much is your storage rate?
    For as low as PHP1,000/CBM per month you can avail our Warehousing service.
  • How much is your fulfillment rate?
  • Do I need to apply for insurance for my goods?
    Yes, this is required.
  • Do you accept the returned parcel?
    Yes, we accept return parcel.
  • Do you have in-house logistics?
    We don't have in-house, but we have partner logistics.
  • What is System Fee?
    The fee we charge every month for every marketplace we connect to our system.
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