What is StratQuad?

StratQuad provides backend solution for E-commerce merchants.

What are your services?
  • Product Importation
  • Pabayad
  • Warehouse and Fulfillment (suspended)
  • Sourcing (coming soon)
What are the benefits of StratQuad?
  • Limit the need to recruit and build an in-house team.
  • Lower cost due to economies of scale
  • API integrated warehouse management system
  • Top of the line customer service.
How to partner with us?

Register thru our Sign Up Form and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

How can I contact StratQuad?

You may contact us thru:
Email: support@straquad.com
Mobile Number: 0915-503-9745
Wechat id: StratQuad

What are the platforms / marketplaces that can be integrated with StratQuad?

We offer multi-channel platform integration. Please check the list below:
Lazada, Shopee, Zalora, Zilingo, Woocommerce, Shopify, Magento

Marketplace Integration
Check out requirements needed to integrate your marketplace with StratQuad. Click the file below.
How to on board?
For warehouse and fulfillment, once we settle from consultation and discussion regarding the services and rates, we can now do the signing of the contract. After this, we will proceed to the on-boarding process. For importation, you just have to sign up, fill up the Importation Inbound Form, and follow the instructions sent to your email. If you have any inquiries/concerns, feel free to contact us.
How much is your storage and fulfillment rate?
StratQuad offers affordable services. Our fulfillment rate starts at ₱ 20. For more information, please contact us. *Please take note that the rate varies depending on the (measurement of) item. We charge our storage per rack per month. Our rate is ₱ 1,000 per 1 CMB rack per month.
How to add racks?

Just inform your respective partner support regarding your concern/adjustments for the racks.

Do I need to apply insurance for my goods?
With StratQuad, getting insurance for your products/items is required. We will be the one to process your insurance under our third-party insurance company.
Do you accept returned parcels?

Yes, we accept returned parcels—this is an additional optional service. Terms and conditions may apply.

Do you have in-house logistics?

No, we don’t have in-house logistics.

What is System Fee?

System Fee is the fee we charge every month for every marketplaces we connect to our system.

We will charge 600 per store per month.

How to import with StratQuad?
Coordination with importation made easy with 2 simple steps.

1. Register here. Upon registration, you will received in your StratQuad Code via email.

2. Fill out the Importation Inbound Form, and you will received instructions in your email.*Please take note that requests or form without proper StratQuad Account Code will not proceed.

How much is your importation rates?

SEA FREIGHT- FULL LOAD CONTAINER starting rate is 300,000.

SEA FREIGHT – LOOSE CARGO LOAD (GROUP A) starting rate is 8,000/CBM

SEA FREIGHT – LOOSE CARGO LOAD (GROUP B) starting rate is 9,500/CBM

SEA FREIGHT – LOOSE CARGO LOAD (GROUP C) starting rate is 10,500/CBM

SEA FREIGHT – LOOSE CARGO LOAD (GROUP D) starting rate is 11,500/CBM

AIR FREIGHT starting rate is 750/kilo (MINIMUM OF 1 KILO)

Do I need to apply Security Loss Protection for my goods?

No, but it is highly recommended.
StratQuad offers up to 20,000 worth of Security Loss Protection for sea freight (free of charge/no security fee required).

For shipments of higher value, you can avail it for only 500 security fee with coverage of 100,000.

What is the lead time for shipping?

It usually takes 15 to 25 days for SEA Freight and 5-8 days for AIR Freight (under normal condition). StratQuad’s third party logistics service is not in control of the travel schedule.

What if the delivery took more than 25 days?

We do not guarantee 15-25 days, but this is our usual time frame for delivery under normal conditions. For incidents of more than 25 days, kindly message us on our Facebook page for us to take note of this.

How are we going to track our packages?

Once your package has been delivered to China Warehouse. You will receive an email in 2-3 days confirming that your package has been received by our Warehouse.

For the status of your packages, you will receive an email when the packages departed from the China port when it arrives at the MNL Custom and Manila warehouse. If you haven’t received any email regarding MNL Custom and MNL warehouse email update it means your packages are still IN TRANSIT. Kindly message/inform us if you haven’t received any emails within 24 days so we can also check it on our end.

Do you consolidate from different suppliers before importing it to the Philippines?

Consolidation of goods is not allowed. Consolidation of freight cost is allowed. For clients with multiple suppliers, we do allow consolidation of freight if and only it is received on the same date and warehouse location in China.

What will be the process of having different transactions under one supplier?

The same process applies—you need to fill out the form per transaction/delivery.

What is Delivery Receipt (Waybill Details)?

Delivery Receipt (DR)/Waybill is the receipt from our China warehouse for your packages delivered by your Supplier.

Where can I get a copy of the Delivery Receipt (DR)?

The Delivery Receipt is being handed over by our Warehouse Man to the person who delivers the package.

I have a copy of the Delivery Receipt (DR), what to do next?

Send the DR to our FB Page to verify by one of our Key Accounts Associate.

Do you have a Product Sourcing Service?

Yes, we have, but under suspension.

I already send the Delivery Receipt in your FB page, when is the best time to follow up once the package was already received in China Warehouse?

Wait for our next update, once your package is in Manila warehouse or follow up after 25 days.

What are the products I can import?

StratQuad accepts products under 4 categories – Commodities 1, Commodities 2, Commodities 3, and Commodities 4.
You can check the list here.

Illegal items, replicas, and fake items are strictly prohibited. The consequences for which will be confiscation and legal prosecution.

What if I received my items broken?

We are not liable for any breakable items. Security loss protection is for lost shipment, not damaged items. Our people will be careful, but if the packaging is flimsy and goods are damaged, we cannot be held responsible.

Does StratQuad offer insurance for import products?

No, StratQuad offers Security Loss Protection for your packages only.

How can I apply for your Security Loss Protection program?

 If you are interested, you may contact us on our Facebook page for more info.

How to apply Security Loss Protection for your shipment?

* If you submit the Proforma Invoice and Delivery Receipt within five (5) days from the time that your package has been successfully delivered to our China Warehouse, you are qualified for a complimentary Security Protection. The liability limit amounts to up to 20,000 worth of your goods.

* If the value of your shipment is more than 20,000 and you have submitted your Proforma Invoice and Delivery Receipt within five (5) days from the time that your package has been successfully delivered to our China Warehouse, you are qualified to apply for our Premium Security Protection. The liability limit amounts to up to 100,000 worth of your goods.

* If you fail to submit the Proforma Invoice and Delivery Receipt within the above-stated period, you are no longer qualified to avail of any security protection from us.

If the value of your shipment is more than 20,000, we strongly recommend availing our Premium Security Protection for a fee of 500 only. The Security Protection is only applicable for lost packages only.

*Note: This is non-refundable.

Can I get your contact details in China Warehouse without registering?
To get the complete details of our China warehouse via email, you need to fill-out the Importation Inbound Form. Upon signing up, you will receive an email for the list of incomplete addresses in China warehouses for your reference in the shipping cost, together with your StratQuad Code.
Is StratQuad an importer?

StratQuad is not an importer—it is just a mere facilitator. StratQuad partnered with the leading logistics company in the Philippines to serve and fulfill your backend e-commerce needs.

What is Proforma Invoice (PI)?

It is like a quotation from your supplier. Stated in the Proforma Invoice (PI) are the details of your item/s and its amount.

Why do I need to submit a Proforma Invoice (PI) and Delivery Receipt (DR)?

You need to submit Proforma Invoice for us to assess the value of your item for claims for Security Loss Protection, while the Delivery Receipt will serve as proof that our China warehouse received your items.

Am I required to submit a Proforma Invoice (PI)?

Yes, Proforma Invoice (PI) is required.

What is a Security Fee?

Security Fee is a fee for security loss protection by which the company provides a guarantee of compensation for specified loss of your shipment.

Do you have an AIR Freight?

Yes, our warehouse for AIR is located in Jinjiang City, Fujian Province.

How to compute my Air Freight?

For our Airfreight customers, please be advised that we base our computations in 2 ways.

Computation number 1:

(BY KILOGRAMS) e.g. Total kg x ₱ 750= TOTAL

Computation number 2:

(BY VOLUMETRIC WEIGHT) e.g. (Total cbm x 167) x ₱ 750= TOTAL

*Final freight cost will still depend on the actual dimension and weight of your package.

What will I do if my supplier failed to give/lost airwaybill?

If the receipt is lost, kindly message our team 2-3 days after—for us to check on the system.

How to compute my China - Sea Freight?

Computation no. 1

Total cbm x cbm rate

Computation no. 2

This is how to determine if your packages will be based on the KG rate.

total weight / total cbm = kg/cbm

500kg/cbm is the threshold to consider if your package is overweight or not.

if kg/cbm is 500kg/cbm and above, your freight cost will be based on our KG rate, which is ₱ 25/kg or ₱ 30/kg, depends on where your packages will fall under what commodities.


Total cbm: 0.657cbm

Total kg: 408kg

408kg / 0.657cbm = 621kg/cbm

408kg x ₱ 25 = ₱ 10,200 (total Shipping/freight cost)

REMINDER: The Total freight cost will be based on the actual dimension and weight of your packages.

Are there fees I need to pay when my supplier delivers the goods to your warehouse?

NO unloading fee and “forklift use” fee will be charged upon supplier’s delivery of goods to our warehouse

What is Pabayad Service

Pabayad Service is the newly added service of StratQuad, wherein we offer our clients to pay their supplier abroad through telegraphic transfer.

What is Telegraphic Transfer (TT)?

Telegraphic Transfer or telex transfer, often abbreviated to TT, is the process of transferring funds to a foreign account.

Do you accept Telegraphic Transfer (TT)?

Yes, we accept telegraphic transfer or bank to bank transfer, of payment to your supplier.

What is the difference between personal and corporate accounts?
Personal and Corporate Accounts refer to the bank account of your supplier.  You need to ask your supplier if it’s a personal account or a corporate account.
How can I recognize if the account of my supplier is personal or corporate?
Usually, for a personal account, you will see a 3 to 4 Chinese character in the account name. More than that, it is a corporate account.  Please send a copy of your Proforma Invoice to us, to help you identify the bank account
Is it important that the Account Name of my supplier is in Chinese characters?
Yes, to avoid error during the transfer of funds.
What is the process?

Inform our Key Accounts that you want to avail of our Pabayad Service. They will assist you to sign the contract for Pabayad Service. Once the contract is signed, they will give you the rate for RMB and ask you to provide the requirements. Our Key Accounts will assist you until the transaction is complete.

What are the requirements to avail of your Pabayad Service?
  • Service of Agreement
  • Clear copy of your Proforma Invoice (PI)
  • Your STRA Code

Note: Importation of the said goods in the PI should be through StratQuad also.

Am I required to give you the Proforma Invoice?

Yes, Proforma Invoice (PI) is our reference for the bank details of your supplier to avoid errors during the transfer. Please make sure that it has already been converted to RMB to avoid delays.

Can I avail your service without the contract?

No, every client should send a one-time signed contract first before we can offer the service. The contract is valid for one (1) year and can be renewed after.

How to avail your Pabayad Service?

Message our Key Accounts on our Official FB Page, @STRATQUAD, for assistance.

Is there a cut-off time to avail of the service?

For personal account: Monday – Friday, 11 am – 12 nn

For corporate account: Monday – Friday, 11 am – 2 pm

How would I know the conversion rate of RMB?

Every day, we will give you a rate, available by 11 am. Just message us on our FB Page, @STRATQUAD.

Aside from RMB, do you have any currency available for Pabayad Service?

None, for now, we only cater RMB Transfer.

What is Concierge Fee?

A fee that is charged by us to you for every transaction made in Pabayad Service.

How much do I need to pay for the Concierge Fee?

For every transaction:

  • RMB 50 Concierge Fee, for more than RMB 10,000 amount to transfer.
  • RMB 100 Concierge Fee, for below RMB 10,000 amount to transfer.


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